Monday, February 6, 2012


I wannabe better at using my TIME wisely.

I'm just gonna cut to the chase:

I waste a lot of time. A lot. Sure I'm always doing something that has a purpose, but I could be doing OTHER things that have MORE purpose. I'm not gonna get into the nitty gritty of it now.... but I have a plan. A month long plan. And it involves social sacrifice. OUCH. For this extroverted social butterfly, the thought of that alone makes me want to say "JUST KIDDING!" and delete this post. But I'm not gonna.... I am going to make myself DO THIS.

I wanted my husband to do it with me too.... but only because I didn't want to be the only one making a decision to better our lives and our family. Because I get selfish and start thinking "well, if I have to do this, so do you." But I DON'T have to do this... I want to do this. For me. And even though I'm grumpy about it, for him too. And the boys. See, I have lots of reasons.

People have said I am hard on myself. That I give myself these HUGE challenges that seem impossible, or that I set myself up to fail. That's just how I roll I guess. LOL Go big or go home, right?

SO, I'm not going to lay out the details of my month long challenge here.... I have found, for myself, that when I tell someone about something in detail I want to do - I don't do it because for some stupid reason I consider it as good as done. Like its the thought that counts. It seems I do a brain dump of my detailed thoughts.... and never follow through.

If you notice slight changes going on though.... thats probably why. ;o)

So, here I am with a thing, or rather -a way, I wannabe and I am taking this one by the horns people. Wish me luck!

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