Saturday, March 17, 2012


Holy Smokes! Where has the time gone?!

We left off last month right before we headed home to go to Jakes Grandmas funeral.

WOW, has a lot happened since then. Lots and lots. So much that there is no possible way I could quickly get it all in here..... it would be way too long. So here are the highlights:

Trip home went well. It was a quickie, but it was nice to squeeze it in, especially since we weren't going to go home this year at all. The bummer is that the boys missed 2 weeks of school, but they were very understanding about that. Jake also had to miss his test for Tech, but they rescheduled that for him. In fact, he just took it this past week. Hoping this is the one!

We had a great time at home visiting with family and we were really glad we got to be with all of them during that special time of saying goodbye. Jake spent a lot of time with his parents and his Grandpa, which was really good for him I think. Jakes brother and his family came down for the funeral too and that was a great time spent with them. Its nice when the boys get to see their cousins, even if it is only once a year. Can't wait for the day when its more!

Jake stayed at his parents house while we were there so he could make the most of our short time. I stayed at my moms with the boys so I could help out with my nieces and be able to see my mom when she was home since she had to work while we were there. During the days I ran around visiting with old friends I hadn't seen in a long time, some of them I hadn't seen in a couple years or more. That was so awesome for me to spend some quality time with so many people!

On our way back to North Dakota we stayed with some great friends in Spokane for a couple of nights and kinda got to take a break after our longest day of traveling. Its nice to break up the trip, especially when you stay with friends who feel like family and at a house that feels like a second home. It was a great way to end our trip.

Boys went back into the school routine quite nicely, and I have to say, we were all craving some of our routine back! However, this time change last week completely wrecked us all! Its been a rough week!

Jake tested for Tech and we find out in a couple of months if he made it or not. We are REALLY HOPING HE DID b/c we want to move off base within the next year we are thinking. That would make it a lot easier for sure!

Minot weather has been AMAZING too, and we are seriously looking forward to our full summer here! Lots of outdoor plans and camping!

So, thats a quick recap of what is going on here. Obviously a lot of the day to day is left out - mostly b/c this isn't a day to day lifestyle blog. I did though want to try to fill in the huge gap.

Now, back to confessions! And boy is the next one a big one! ;o)

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