Are you a Wannabe?

Who doesn't wannabe?

I don't know anyone who doesn't wannabe something other than what they are. This isn't to say they aren't happy with themselves.... Maybe they love who they are, but wannabe more. Or maybe they dislike a few things about themselves and wannabe better. Or maybe they just wannabe a lot of different things, and can't decide. Maybe, they even wannabe a hundred different things in their lifetime and are trying to pursue them all.... one thing at a time. We all WANNABE. On some level, we all have things we wannabe or things we wannado. I don't know anyone who is content to just stay the same all the time. Anyone who is, isn't growing as a person, in my opinion. We all want to keep moving forward, to pursue new interests, to gain new skills, to grow in certain areas.

I wannabe a lot. So much in fact that sometimes I can't decide what to do and I stand still. All my wannabe's swirl around me until I can't decide and I get overwhelmed and then don't try. I'm kinda sick of that. Kind of sick of THINKING about what I wannabe and what I wannado. I'd rather dabble in all of it a little bit, than sit back and try to pick just one. There is so much I wannabe....

..... and this is to chronical my pursuit of it all.

These are my Confessions.